The contribution of Q&T Algeria

The world is changing, the economy is transforming, science is progressing and adapting to modernity requires having highly qualified skills, equipment and professionalism. For this reason, the creation of research centres, universities, hospitals and laboratories contributes to the development of knowledge, innovation and experimentation.

In this context, the Laboratories & Metrology division     of Q&T Algeria is identified as a technologically qualified partner for the supply of special scientific equipment for Metrology and laboratory measurements in various sectors.

In its broadest sense, metrology is the science of measurement and deals with the standardization of measurements, calibrations and inspections. During the calibration service, the measurement values ​​of the instruments are compared to a calibration standard of known accuracy. Dimensional inspection compares product feature dimensions to design specifications.

This equipment allows you to check the basic characteristics of products and assess the degree of accuracy. Periodic calibration is also a necessary activity to remember as a key step for Quality Certification, as well as a crucial step in the metrological confirmation process, which calipers and measuring instruments must undergo periodically.

• Planning
• Design
• Training
• Installation of medical equipment
• Start-up
• Certification

• Emergencies
• Internal medicine
• General and specialized surgery
• Obstetrics and neonatology
• Pediatrics
• Laboratory diagnosis
• Imaging diagnosis

• Hospitals of excellence
• General hospitals
• Health centers
• Laboratories
• Biotechnology


Opportunities in this sector

Even the smallest tech industries require special characteristics and fulfill specific roles. The main thing is above all a high level of technical-scientific knowledge which allows the company to pursue research on numerous projects and new production methods.

Another key theme is that relating to the creation of relations with universities and research centers with which to share information, knowledge and know-how in the field of fundamental research, with the common objective of developing socio-economic and the desire to establish   relations   with integrated companies (joint ventures, research projects, etc.).

In addition to specific skills, there is a whole series of advantages offered by this sector and more generally in the sociological and professional field. These opportunities relate in particular to the creation of jobs and highly qualified professions based on the extraordinary development of scientific and technological proposals.

Another important element to consider is biotechnology. This branch of science has, in fact, completely renewed production methods and today offers enormous opportunities for innovation for the creation of totally new products in industrial production, agriculture, in the field of quality control and research. In this context, Q&T presents itself as a technologically qualified partner who, through   international turnkey projects   , can supply special scientific equipment for metrology laboratories and all activities related to research and development.

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