The contribution of Q&T Algeria

Health is a fundamental right of every human being, and in order to provide an adequate level of health care in every country, specific actions based on the sharing of resources, skills and knowledge are needed.

Pursuing this goal, the medical division of Q&T Algerie is engaged in building a global healthcare network, designing hospitals, clinics and supplying high-tech Medical Equipment that can meet international standards.

In detail, starting from a feasibility study, Q&T Algerie deals with International Projects regarding:

In detail, from a feasibility study, Q&T Algeria deals with International Projects   concerning:

  • The design of health centers of excellence and state-of-the-art surgical hospitals,
  • The organization of the departments,
  • The implementation of specific training for health personnel, but also technical and administrative personnel,
  • The supply of medical equipment and certificates of medical supplies.

It is a stimulating sector where studies, research and activities meet many disciplines and situations. Trying to cover all these aspects, Q&T Algeria can provide health education programs for prevention and clinical intervention, in collaboration with Italian centers of excellence. It can encourage the self-development of nations and provide a broader perspective on how people, populations, health and disease are treated in schools, workplaces and cultural associations.

Q&T Algeria’s objective for this sector is to promote   socio-economic development   in line with the socio-cultural needs of individual communities.

Q&T Algeria also offers “Hub & Spoke” projects, capable of determining integration and autonomy between the different levels of care.

• Planning
• Design
• Training
• Installation of medical equipment
• Start-up
• Certification

• Emergencies
• Internal medicine
• General and specialized surgery
• Obstetrics and neonatology
• Pediatrics
• Laboratory diagnosis
• Imaging diagnosis

• Hospitals of excellence
• General hospitals
• Health centers
• Laboratories
• Biotechnology


Global well-being

One of the biggest problems in emerging markets, besides famine and war, is healthcare. The factors that contribute to the spread of disease are as numerous as those that prevent the development of an effective health system. Lack of financial resources, medical equipment, limited health knowledge, lack of clean water and poor sanitation in homes are major causes of worsening health conditions, making survival a challenge serious for thousands of people around the world.

In order to improve the living conditions of these populations, basic health care reforms are necessary to enable the country to buy adequate medicines and medical equipment, and secondarily social and economic reforms so that services are accessible. and used by those who need it most. Health services are out of reach for more than a billion people in the world who live with limited and insufficient economic resources to provide adequate health care, therefore not being able to access all those services deemed essential and discounted by the richest countries.

Many investments are needed for the construction of hospitals, reception centers, aqueducts and the possibility of accessing adequate food resources accompanied by food education programs and access to drinking water. Respect for life and the right to health are just two examples of the duties that Q&T respects and supports for all humanity, while actively participating in the development of the poorest countries.

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