Vocational education and training

The contribution of Q&T Algeria

Education is the pivot around which opportunities for rapid integration into the world of work can develop, since the value of culture translates directly both in terms of social development and in terms of economic profitability.

In this context, Q&T Algeria has managed many   Turnkey Projects   concerning   Vocational Training   and Technical Education for primary and secondary schools and has developed the concept of Pedagogical Engineering. This method aims to define the scope, methodologies, content and schedule of the training, as well as to identify, deliver and install the most suitable educational materials (creation of educational workshops).

Normally, the educational systems of different countries reflect the tradition, orientation and methods best suited to the historical and industrial characteristics of each country. For this reason, in each country where we operate, we have job-oriented vocational training and technical education that follow parallel paths to those established by the customs of the countries.

• Pre-school education – Methods and use of tools
• Secondary or higher education – Organization, role, objectives, methods

• Computer science
• Theoretical collection
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Marine sciences
• Human sciences
• Zoology
• Botany
• Biology
• Pharmacy
• Veterinary sciences

• Environmental engineering
• Civil engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Electricity
• Automation and robotics •
Digital electronics
• Telecommunications
• Construction
• Health and safety
• Aeronautics
• Hydraulics and pneumatics
• Administration
• Accounting
• Audio video
• Language for rooms classroom
• Multimedia classrooms
• Music
• Sports
• Industrial design
• Surveying
• Photography

• Agriculture
• Handicraft service
• Computing
• Carpentry

• Construction

• Chemistry
• Fishing
• Audio/video technologies
• Traditional crafts
• Metallurgy
• Mechanics and steel industry
• Optics
• Public works and plumbing •
Leather work
• Electricity and electrical engineering
• Textiles and clothing
• Tourism and catering
• Glass industry


Focus on primary education

Elementary school today is the first stage of a long educational journey that can continue until the age of thirty. It must therefore become the basis on which to build a complex education, which will lead students to acquire professional training and qualifications that will have to be updated throughout their lives. The school should offer all children from the age of 6 equal opportunities and solid integration into society, including extended school attendance.

Once the student has acquired the intellectual means to apply real thought and a mastery of the fundamentals of society, he will be able to adopt a socially responsible attitude and develop his skills in all subjects.

The heavy task of training largely depends on the required teaching materials, the explanation and presentation of the concepts taught as well as the acquisition, detailed analysis and diversification of knowledge.

The laboratories necessary for the teaching of the exact sciences (metric system, physics, chemistry, natural sciences) must therefore be equipped with adequate and varied equipment, which is essential for:

  • Respond adequately to the pedagogical requirements deemed essential for effective teaching,
  • Present physical and chemical phenomena according to modern educational procedures based on experiments and observations,
  • Increase the space for new information and communication technologies in the form of multimedia.

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