Renewable Energy

The contribution of Q&T Algeria

Nowadays, the concept of green energy is a very broad field that includes a multitude of fields of intervention. Among all, the production of   renewable energies   is the key point of this sector which, through energy saving and pollution control, provides, in the general context of sustainable development, an investment concerning healthy and sustainable survival. of our planet.

The Renewable Energies Division of Q&T Algeria offers innovative solutions in the field of ecology and sustainable energy by providing integrated systems and creating specific energy saving programs using advanced technologies for a more sustainable life. respectful and cleaner. All with a particular focus on   growing markets  .

These services can be applied to a wide range of buildings and facilities and new technologies and system controls are continually evaluated to maximize the energy reduction impact we can offer customers.

• Planning
• Design
• Training
• Installation of medical equipment
• Start-up
• Certification

• Emergencies
• Internal medicine
• General and specialized surgery
• Obstetrics and neonatology
• Pediatrics
• Laboratory diagnosis
• Imaging diagnosis

• Hospitals of excellence
• General hospitals
• Health centers
• Laboratories
• Biotechnology


Renewable energies for a better world

Renewable energy includes all defined inexhaustible resources that our planet offers, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, etc. Necessary but not sufficient, these resources need human resources to be used correctly and show their effectiveness.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop this sector, which today is a great resource that offers and will offer great benefits. Mainly by meeting environmental needs, such as reducing air pollution caused by improper disposal of toxic substances into seas, lakes and oceans and reducing emissions of harmful substances largely due to the original fuels organic such as gas, coal and oil

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